Johnson is a jazz composer, producer and multi-instrumentalist best known as a bass player currently based in Texas, USA.

Throughout his career, Johnson has worked with many world class musicians, such as: Abraham Laboriel, Adam Nitti, Alvaro Lopez, Eric Boseman and Nikki Glaspie, pianist David Garfield, christian artists Marcela Gandara, Julio Melgar, Christine D’Clario, Soluciones Juveniles among many others, as well as maintaining a successful solo career.

Born in Guatemala City, Johnson was immersed at a very young age in various musical environments: Rock&Roll, R&B, Funk and Jazz. By the age of 20, Johnson was proficient on piano and bass guitar and already writing songs.He started composing and performing professionally at that age when the largest christian music company in the world at the time “Integrity Music” signed him as part of award winning band “Vertical”.
After touring with Vertical around the world for 4 years, he quickly moved from playing pop and rock to jazz, gospel and R&B.

In 2006 Johnson moved to Mexico to become a part of the production team of Grammy Award nominee producer/drummer Alvaro Lopez and at the same time he became the bass player for Lopez’s “Resq Band”.
Johnson toured throughout Latin America for almost 2 years with Resq Band. At the same time, he was a part of many master recordings alongside world class musicians such as: bassists Abraham Laboriel and John Peña, guitarist Michael Landau, percussionist  Luis Conte and many others.

In 2010, Johnson began focusing on the production side of music and since then he has become a highly respected producer as well. He has been a part of many professional albums as a bassist, producer and/or multi-instrumentalist.

Johnson is currently touring throughout the world as Music Director for one of the top selling christian artist, multi-award winning singer Marcela Gandara, among other well established musicians and other multi-award winning artists like Julio Melgar and many others.

He also travels all around the US and Latin America doing jazz concerts and bass and production clinics.

Johnson has released 2 instrumental albums, “Bass&Beyond” (2012) and “The Leslie Johnson Project” (2015). Both albums have received many positive reviews from different magazines and radio stations.
Both albums feature many special guests such as: Adam Nitti (Dave Weckl, Carrie Underwood), Philip Lassiter (Prince, Tommy Sims), Frank McComb, Nikki Glaspie (Beyonce, Kanye West), Eric Boseman (Whitney Houston, Janet Jackson) and many other top musicians.

Johnson is also an active member of one of the most important online magazine for bass players, Bass Players United team (